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Embark on a journey towards heightened operational efficiency with Synexic, now providing you with Microsoft Office 365 email solutions. In place of traditional methods, we offer a seamless transition into the digital age, blending sophistication with functionality while using your domain name for your business email address.

Office 365 email services extend beyond conventional platforms, providing a secure and efficient communication hub for your business. Visualize your team effortlessly engaging in a streamlined and synchronized email experience, all within the secure confines of the cloud.

At Synexic, our commitment goes beyond mere software provision; we present a tailored approach to elevate your business email communication. Opt for our services, recognizing that in the intricate symphony of business, a harmonious Office 365 email solution orchestrates success with precision and finesse.


Safe and Secure for Peace of Mind

Office 365 stands as a stalwart guardian of your business data, offering a robust suite of built-in security features that fortify your digital landscape. From advanced threat protection and encryption to identity management and secure collaboration tools, Office 365 prioritizes the safeguarding of your sensitive information.

With continuous updates and cutting-edge security protocols, you can trust that your organization’s data is shielded from evolving cyber threats. Microsoft’s unwavering commitment to security ensures that your business operates within a fortified ecosystem, allowing you to focus on productivity and innovation with the peace of mind that your digital assets are in safe hands.


Addon Solutions for Your Business

Elevate your Office 365 experience with our suite of invaluable add-ons, designed to empower your organization’s efficiency, compliance, and data management.

Explore enhanced email backups, providing a secure and easily recoverable solution to safeguard your critical communications.

Delve into the world of comprehensive email archiving, ensuring compliance with industry regulations and facilitating seamless retrieval of historical data.

With these purpose-driven additions, Office 365 not only caters to your current needs but anticipates and fulfills your evolving requirements, allowing you to navigate the digital landscape with confidence and precision.

Speak to Humans. Not Robots.

We understand that any email issues are mission critical. Speaking to someone who understands your needs is our number one priority. We have no front line staff. You speak directly to knowledgeable System Engineers who have years of experience resolving complex email related issues.

While our provided business email service is not managed by Synexic, we can analyze logs, email headers, bouncebacks, and other issues and take appropriate action or guide you on the next steps towards a solution path.

Our talented staff is located in the United States.

Looking for the software suite? Look no further.

Take Full Advantage of Office 365

Beyond providing cutting-edge Office 365 email solutions, our commitment extends to delivering the complete Microsoft Office suite, including flagship applications such as Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook, and PowerPoint. Elevate your business capabilities with seamless integration, fostering collaboration and productivity across the board.

Access the full spectrum of tools that the Microsoft Office suite offers, enabling document creation, data analysis, efficient communication, and impactful presentations with unparalleled efficiency. By harnessing the power of Office 365 in tandem with these essential applications, we empower your organization to excel in every aspect of business, ensuring a comprehensive and unified digital experience tailored to meet the diverse needs of your enterprise.

Let's Find a Plan That's Right For You.

Business Email Plans

Welcome to a transformative digital landscape with our Office 365 offerings tailored to meet the unique needs of your business. Choose the streamlined efficiency of Standard Business Email, a standalone solution offering powerful email management tools using your domain name. For those seeking a comprehensive digital workspace, our Deluxe Business Email includes Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook, and PowerPoint – unleashing the full potential of collaborative productivity.

Opting for exchange email like Office 365 over older email technologies like IMAP or POP is not just a choice; it’s a strategic decision for your business. Exchange Email ensures synchronized communication, real-time updates, and enhanced security features, surpassing the limitations of traditional protocols. With Office 365, elevate your business communications, streamline workflows, and embrace a digital ecosystem that’s not just advanced but indispensable for sustained success.

Standard Business Email

Domain Based Email
$ 70
  • 10 GB email storage
  • Backup & Archiving Upgrade Available
  • No OneDrive Storage
  • No Office Suite
  • No Business Apps
  • 24/7 Support

Deluxe Business Email

Domain Based Email + Office 365 Software Suite
$ 170
  • 50 GB email storage
  • Backup & Archiving Upgrade Available
  • 1 TB secure online storage via OneDrive® for Business
  • The latest Office version installed on up to 5 PCs or Macs
  • Mobile Apps for Office Suite
  • 24/7 Support
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Questions about our Business Email by Microsoft Office 365? We’re here to help. Additionally, if you have any questions or interest in our other solutions, please indicate on the form below. We look forward to speaking with you about your business email or office suite needs and any other services that can benefit your business.

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